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Is your printer, audio, downloaded video or other peripherals not working. It is probably the driver, simply download Driver Detective to easily get everything working properly. Download here.

Driver Detective is the industry leading driver solution software for PC. Over ten years of PC Software development experience has gone into creating Driver Detective to make it the most powerful and useful driver solution software available.

If you have found this site you are likely already know what a driver is and what it does but here is a quick refresher. A device driver or software driver (same thing) is a computer program that allows higher-level programs to interact with a hardware device. What that means is that a driver is what allows your computer to communicate with a piece of hardware such as a printer or digital camera.

Here are the most common driver types so if you are having problems with any of these then Driver Detective can help:

  • Printer
  • Digital Camera
  • Audio and Sound
  • Downloaded Video
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Network Connections
  • Webcam

What makes Driver Detective different from other driver finding programs?

Driver Detective is the only program that uses Machine Intelligence Match, which scans your computers manufacturer, model specifics, operating system and level of updates. This insures that all of the drivers that are found and suggested by Driver Detective are a perfect match with your unique computer.

Next, Driver Detective runs a driver scanning engine to scan your hardware devices like your printer. The exact information about your computer is combined with the details of your hardware and this is all matched against a proprietary database to find and recommend the exact driver or software for your device.

All you have to do is click download and follow the simple install instructions and your driver related issues should be solved.

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